Casino regulars

We’ve been playing casinos all our lives.

We go there as if to work, or we drop in only from time to time. We are considered casino regulars. And we are here all the time. We are the same people as everyone else… Such, yes – not such. How do we differ from them? Simply put, nothing. Except that sometimes we look into the casino to play a “party or two” in some game. However, we, nevertheless, are not in the last ranks of the population. On the contrary, we are included in various surveys. We participate in quizzes.

We are giving away various prizes. Moreover, these prizes are not intended for us, but for those people whom we attract to the games. Therefore, we are being used for advertising purposes. But we are not sad about this. The main thing is that we are still playing. And, sometimes, we win. We are the core of the construction that relies on people and seeks to maximize their coverage of various games. At the same time, our association has quite an ideological background. We understand that. And we do not resist it. The main thing for us is to play. We’ll figure out the rest somehow. There are many poker players among us. A lot of roulette players. And many fans of other games. In general, we represent the middle layer of people playing. In other words, we play all the games presented in our casino.

Are we winning?

Not always. Sometimes we lose. It’s a matter of chance and luck. Chance and luck decide our fate. And also the well-being of the casino owners and the solvency of the players. The wealthier the players, the more people visit the casino. And, accordingly, vice versa. That’s how we live – playing and winning. Or losing a little bit. In short, we are not standing still. We are developing. We strive for excellence. We live… Now tell me – how do we differ from other people in a political sense? Are there any extremists among us or people who intend, for example, to fight? Such people, no matter how much you look for, you will not find among us. They are simply missing. Completely. There are no communists or anti-communists among us. There is not a single person who would like to establish some kind of mythical justice. It’s all really nonsense – about justice.

We only want to play from time to time. And, it is natural to work – earning a living for yourself and your loved ones. We don’t want anything supernatural from life. Absolutely nothing. We are satisfied with both salaries and pensions. We are satisfied with education and healthcare. The main thing is that no official gets in there. Generally.

And then everything will be fine.

And now the answer to the question is how do we differ from ordinary people. Our main difference is that we don’t need absolutely anything from political life. We don’t need politics (just as we don’t need war, by the way). We don’t need power. We don’t need your ideology. We don’t need anything at all. All we need is a game. And life itself, which in a certain sense is also a game. But of a somewhat different kind.